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Birthday Parties | Jamaica Chamber Banquet Hall
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Birthday Parties | Jamaica Chamber Banquet Hall

Birthday Parties


Regardless of the age of the birthday boy or girl, everyone deserves a celebration on their special day. At Jamaica Chamber Of Commerce, we believe every additional year is a reason to throw a large-scale extravaganza, so we do our best to ensure that all residents can take advantage of our fantastic birthday party venue in Queens, NY.

Our affordable rates and conveniently located building contribute to the accessibility of our birthday party venue. Additionally, we offer a variety of perks unmatched by any local competing venues, including:

• Ample Parking—Our multi-level parking lot provides enough space for all of your guests to park their vehicles safely throughout your event.

• Unique Decor—Our decor is specific to our local area and culture. From intricate flooring patterns to handmade wall hangings, our decor provides an atmosphere unparalleled by other venues.

• Stately Entrance—Our lobby is a sleek, modern alternative to any older venues you may have looked at; one step inside our building and you will realize that we mean business!

• Catering Services—If you need upscale dining services at your birthday party, we have you covered! Our unique combination of classical dining options and modern twists is sure to delight your guests.

Jamaica Chamber Of Commerce has everything you need in a birthday party space rental, so look no further than us when the time comes to book a spacious facility for your event. Work with one of our knowledgeable members to plan your party and ensure that the night goes smoothly.

For a clean, beautiful venue that provides the best service to all of your guests, look to Jamaica Chamber Of Commerce. Reach out to us today for a birthday party hall rental option that best suits your needs.